ShipsDek Care


• To clean dirt, footprints, suntan lotion, fish blood etc. from your ShipsDek, use an all purpose cleaner or degreaser, and warm water along with a medium bristled deck brush. Work around until dirt, etc. comes up. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. Other products safe to use on ShipsDek 100% PE foam decking include: boat soap, specialized foam deck cleaner products,  or any degreaser.

• Do not use the following products on ShipsDek: acetone, abrasive cleaners, bleach


• Long-term storage of items on the decking such as inflatable pool toys, tools or water bottles. Keep decking away from reflective surfaces or from under glass. These objects can refract/reflect light, thereby concentrating the beams to a level which can be destructive to the decking.

• Spills and messes on the decking. Clean immediately to reduce possible staining. Some materials can stain the decking if not promptly removed. Examples include: mustard, ketchup, fish hooks left to rust, fish blood, bird droppings, etc.


• The sun can reflect off gel-coat surfaces and damage ShipsDek Decking. For certain applications and under certain conditions, decking applied in the cockpit and other areas with vertical surfaces and/or reflecting off hardware/stainless, gloss, etc., can expose ShipsDek Decking to temperatures above the operational temperature of 80°C (176°F).

• Lighter colors and darker gel-coats reduce the Light Amplification problem. However, it will not be covered under our standard warranty if Light Amplification occurs.

• ShipsDek decking is durable, but for longevity after installation, it is recommended that the boat (or any other surface of application) be covered. (Examples include keeping the boat: in a garage, covered with a canvas boat cover, in a covered boat slip/shed, etc). Reducing longer term exposure to the elements, when not in use, will help extend the life of your decking and reduce color fade.

Light Amplification Burn
Light Amplification Burn
Light Amplification Burn

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