How to Template Your Boat

While we do have some templates on file, we also know that no two boats are the same. We are happy to send paper templates to you to fit if we have your specific boat on file or you can create your own template to send to us.


Making a template isn't as hard as you might think it is and following the steps below will guide you along in the process of creating a good template. 


1. Gather your Supplies

- clear plastic film / template material

- blue painters tape / masking tape

- dark colored sharpie

- scissors


3. Draw the Template

- using the sharpie, trace the outside edge of where you want the ShipsDek to go. Be sure to trace all pieces, latches, hinges, holes, table pedestals, etc.

- please add notes to your template to help describe specific areas as needed.

- note any mistakes with x's and any additional information you think we may need.


5. Take Pictures

- be sure to take pictures before you remove the template from your boat, the more pictures the better!

- we can then use the pictures to help understand your boat and help answer any questions we might have. 


2. Cover the Area

- cover the area with the plastic template material (use multiple pieces if necessary, just overlap & tape them together).

- tape the material securely to the boat

regular template.jpg

4. Label the Template

- label the template pieces/sections with the corresponding locations of your boat (bow, stern, helm, swim platform, port, starboard, cooler, etc.

- if you want us to add a logo or some type of customization, please be sure to label that location as well.


5. Remove the Template

- gently remove the template, being sure not to rip it or smudge the markings.

- fold it up and prepare it for shipping.

- our shipping address is:


 4401 Eastern Ave

 Building 46, Unit 1K

 Baltimore, MD 21224