Our Process

Hard Copy Template to Digital File

Our experts at ShipsDek create custom templates on each vessel that will then be digitized to create your unique decking. We are also happy to work with templates that customers create themselves.


From Concept to Reality

The final step is to install the new custom decking on your vessel. Our installers prepare the deck surface before installation to guarantee it will adhere properly. We can also ship the finished product and provide guidance to customers who wish to do the install themselves.


From Concept to Hard Copy

Whether we create your template or you create your own and send it to us, our team here at ShipsDek hand-digitizes each one to a digital file that can be used in our CAD program.

We're also happy to work with you in creating your own custom template and are available to offer tips and tricks to get the perfect fit.


From Digital File to Decking

All of the digital files are imported into our CAD program, cleaned up, and prepared for printing on our CNC machine. Each unique piece of decking is perfectly printed to match the templated surface.


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